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25 Examples of Acts of Self-Discipline

One of our new instructors has been working with our students on completing their acts of self discipline. Students under 12 years old earn blue stripes on their belts for each list of 10 Good Things they accomplish. We read the lists in class to honor their achievement and remind others that we can do these things too. (The reminders work for adults too!)

25 Acts of Self Discipline by Instructor Clayton

  1. Brushing your teeth

  2. Cleaning your room

  3. Washing your face

  4. Doing your homework right after school

  5. Setting the table for dinner

  6. Picking up your toys after you play with them

  7. Walking your dog

  8. Feeding your pet

  9. Hanging up your coat

  10. Putting your shoes in the closet after taking them off

  11. Doing your chores

  12. Helping your parents unload groceries from the trunk

  13. Picking up after your pet

  14. Cleaning your dog’s kennel or fish tank

  15. Cleaning out your desk at school

  16. Studying before a test

  17. Keeping an organized calendar

  18. Folding your clothes

  19. Washing your clothes

  20. Returning library books before they are due

  21. Go to bed on time

  22. Waking yourself up for school

  23. Turn your homework in on time

  24. Turning off your phone and electronic devices before bedtime

  25. Raising your hand to ask for something.

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