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Youth & Family Classes

Becoming our best selves!

We are happy to be returning to in person classes at our home inside the Strong Milwaukee Center (510 East Burleigh Street, Milwaukee). Add your email below below for more class information! Click here for a copy of our current class schedule.

Registration is ongoing. Sign up at any time! 

We are a nonprofit program! Classes are donation based. If your child attends class at one of our after-school outreach programs, you can come to the center for extra practice! Families are never turned away due to costs.

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Self Control
Indomitable Spirit

We work with you to help with what you or your child needs!

  • Help students in grade schools, middle schools and high schools build a foundation for life long learning

  • Encourage respect for parents, family, teachers, and peers

  • Enrich students with confidence and common sense knowledge for the road to adulthood

  • Foster life skills, mental health and physical fitness

  • Challenge and inspire students to set goals and maximize their potential

Our instructors, in addition to martial arts training, take part in trauma sensitive learning modules and lessons on best classroom management practices. Students work and advance at their own pace. We encourage our students to grow into class leadership roles, which includes part or full time employment opportunities. 

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