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School Programs

Over the past ten years, we’ve run successful in school and after-school programs throughout the city of Milwaukee, helping to build safer and stronger communities.

Scroll down for a list of schools served!

Classes are tailored to suit your school's needs! We are an approved Milwaukee Public School Wellness Program. Beginning students work to earn their white belts and character medals. Repeating students advance through the color belts all the way to their black belt. All of our outreach students are welcome and encouraged to come for additional practice at the Holton Youth Center!

We also host short term Kindness Campaigns, hold single small or large group seminars and present at cultural days and career fairs. Safety seminars are also available for staff and parent organizations!

Our character enrichment and life skills training programs are targeted at students in grade schools, middle schools and high schools. Instructors not only teach the belt level martial arts curriculum, but work with students on self-control, focus, and discipline, so they excel at martial arts and at home and school. The high energy classes encourage respect towards parents, teachers and peers. Children learn to increase awareness, how to deal with bullying, and practical and proven self defense techniques. They build confidence, strength and a positive attitude!

Schools Served 

Academy of Accelerated Learning (53220, Rolling Green Neighborhood) 

Benjamin Franklin (56206, Franklin Heights Neighborhood) 

Bethune Academy (53208 Washington Park) 





Davis (53204, Muskego Way)  

Daniels BGCM Legacy 

Forest Home (53204, Historic Mitchell Street) 

Fratney (53255, Riverwest) 

Future Urban Leaders/Milwaukee College Prep (53205) 


Humboldt Park

Lincoln (53215 Triangle North) 


Messmer St. Rose & St. Mary

Milwaukee Academy of Science

Mitchell (53204, Muskego Way) 

95th St. School

Northwest Catholic

Parkside School of the Arts (53207, Bayview) 

Project Ujima with Children's Hospital


Seeds of Health Elementary (53215 Burnham Park) 

Seifert (53205 King Park) 

Silver Spring Neighborhood Center

St. Anthony

St. Augustine

St. Joseph (53215, Polinia) 

Starms Early Childhood Center

Thoreau (53223, Bradley Estates) 

Vieau Elementary



We were proud to be serving over 500 students on an on going basis through the 2022/2023 School Year


"As coordinator of the martial arts program at Benjamin Franklin School, I am pleased to recommend J.K. Lee City Youth Martial Arts Program. [They] have been teaching our K5-6th grade students since the beginning of the school year. The goal of [our] program is to put some of our neediest boys into an extra-curricular that promotes discipline and focus. I just recently watched some of our martial arts students test to their next belt level. I could see the boys and their parents beaming with pride at their success."     Ms. Allison Foyer

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