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High Belt Character and Fitness Challenge!

We are proud of our brown belt and black belt instructors that are preparing for belt promotion in September. They are all taking part in a month long challenge to help them get their minds and bodies ready for the test.

Everyone is welcome to work on the challenge or come up with your own 30 day challenge.

Here are some of the things our brown belt is doing every day:

  • 30 push ups, 30 sit ups, 30 squats

  • Highest form 3x a day

  • All the forms 1x a day

  • 50 side kicks, each leg, without dropping

  • 50 round house kicks, each leg, without dropping

  • A mile run or 15 - 20 minutes of cardio

  • Class at least 2x a week

  • Every day act of kindness

  • Every day act of self discipline

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