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May Podcast with Author M.L. Wang

May 2021 Author M. L Wang. We are excited to kick off our book readers challenge learning about how the tenets are reflected in the writing process. Here is Ms. Wang's bio and links to her work.

Hi! I’m M. L. Wang, author, martial artist, and weird recluse currently hiding somewhere in Wisconsin with my maroon-bellied parakeet, Sulu. I enjoy gruesome nature documentaries and long walks in circles around my room. My published books include The Sword of Kaigen, Theonite: Planet Adyn, and Theonite: Orbit (series discontinued) and my ongoing serials include Gunpowder Magnolia, Seven Forsaken, and Sazuma.

My author website:

My books on Amazon:

Paik’s Martial Arts (my school):

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