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Staying Strong! Summer Challenges

Updated: Aug 11, 2020


We ended the 2017 school year strong with belt promotions at all of our program locations and will return in the fall but what should we do over the summer? We have three suggestions, but you are welcome to create your own summer goal. Be sure to write it down and track your progress. *PRACTICE CHALLENGE: Review your forms and kicks three times a week. *READING CHALLENGE: Read at least one book a week during summer. *KINDNESS CHALLENGE: Do one nice thing – something for someone else – everyday in        July and August. (That’s 61 acts of kindness!) If you write down and keep a record of everything you do, you’ll be invited to a special party and can earn medals. Write it down in a notebook or scrap paper. Logs are due first day of fall classes.


Belt promotion at Benjamin Franklin School

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