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The Importance of Practice

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

We ask, “What do you want to be good at?”

Basketball, spelling, dance, drawing, math facts, swimming, piano, and kicks are a handful of the answers received.

And then we follow up, “How do you get better at something, anything you want to be good at?”

PRACTICE! We keep improving by doing a little bit every day and then a little bit extra because we are Martial Artists.

In the summer it’s easy to lose track of things we should still practice. Do the extra reading and math sheets so you are ready when school starts. Remember to stretch before activities. Practice healthy eating and sleeping! Practice self discipline and self control by helping out at home and not complaining when you don’t get your way. Practice safety when you are outdoors!

We never expect or ask for perfection. But part of being and doing our best is practice!



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