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Getting Ready for Tournament!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

All of our students are working hard to prepare for the upcoming J.K. Lee Fall Tournament of Champions. In class, we talk about what judges look for during the competition. The biggest lesson reviewed is that we need to focus on the fundamentals and always PRACTICE! 

We are often asked, “How can I help my child get ready?” Here are a couple of ways you can assist your child get ready for Tournament.

Making Practice Fun: Set aside a consistent time free from distractions. Give your child some choices as to the when and where. Try for a performance using grandparents, neighbors and friends. Set small incremental goals. If the timer is a turn off, focus on something else. For example, do the form twice with super strong punches and then once thinking about blocks; try your kick high and low. Remind them of the payoff and call attention to improvement!

Form Practice: Family members are always welcome to come at the end of their child’s class and record them doing their form with an instructor. Encourage your child to practice their form every day. For tournament, please do not have them count out loud, instead counting in their head to stay focused. Children 6 and under will have a helper do the form with them at competition. When reviewing, talk about what they did right first!

Board Breaking Practice: Have your child practice their favorite kicks. Stress the loud kiap (power scream) before the kick and on the kick as they break the board. All competitors high green and below, will get 2 boards. All competitors brown to high red will get 3 boards. If you have a question about what breaking kicks would be best, please ask one of the instructors.

Be Your Best: Tournaments are to help us improve and discover ways we can challenge ourselves. We don’t focus on winning but on what we can do to reach our personal best.

We are here to help! Conact us at with any questions.

If you would like more information on attending the Tournament please visit  J.K. Lee City Youth Martial Arts Program students participate in the tournament at no cost thanks to the help and support of our individual, business and community donors. Thank you!

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