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Holiday Safety!

The following call to be a GUARDIAN and Holiday Safety Tips are courtesy of Mr. Dave Young, the founder of the U.S. Fighting Systems Program. He has spent the past 25 years teaching military, police and corrections officers how to stay safe and defend themselves. For more information, sign up for his free safety tips here: Your Family Defense

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Dave Young’s End of Year and Holiday Safety Tips

  1. Increase your level of AWARENESS.

  2. On your morning run or ride to work through the neighborhood, take “brain pictures” of cars parked in the street that may not belong to a neighbor.

  3. Carefully screen friendly knocks at the door – it may not be the person you think behind it.

  4. Watch hands as people approach you, they may not have something good inside their pockets.

  5. When shopping, be conscious of people spending more time watching you than the items they came to buy.

  6. Pay attention as you walk into stores – make sure people from the outside don’t follow you in.

  7. Keep your personal belongings close and your family members even closer.

  8. Discuss your “Family Action Plan.” Know what will family members do and where will they go in case of an emergency.

  9. Before you sit down at a restaurant, coffee shop, concert, theater or any other place, make sure you identify your escape routes, positions of cover possible, and weapons of availability if needed.

  10. Do not count on the call for help to be your safety plan!

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